“You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore”.

– Christopher Columbus

I decided to change the course of my life at 40. I unplugged. I quit the plush corporate job, found the courage to set the sails and explore what was beyond the mundane.

For the last six months, I am traveling solo. During this time I have learnt to slow down, significantly. I learnt how to become more aware of my surroundings. I am now able to enjoy and see everything more. I can now truly embrace the spirit of travel. I learnt that the journey is more important, than the destination

I love collecting and telling ‘people’ stories. Here and now I start to share my stories from travel, not just as travel pointers, but hopefully to inspire you to explore life as a package.

Let’s set out on this journey of exploration, inspiration and connect together.

Read my posts, I am sure something will strike a chord

Being Human in the event of a Pandemic

Human being is a social animal and needs company, interactions and conversations with others. This being of the biggest reason, even though I enjoy traveling solo, I love staying in hostels and meeting people. On that bright Sunday morning, which was also the D-day of TabooDana’s Delhi Edition, I shared the breakfast table with a […]

The Toilet Saga: How not to use a toilet

Toilet Hygiene is a huge concern in in India. The need to call out something people never discuss is ever so necessary considering cases of infection passing on to people with unmanageable consequences. This post is as effort to call it out bluntly. Sprinkled with some sense of raw humour.


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