To Anaahat: An acknowledgment To The Heart

Anaahat is described mythologically as the sweet sound of the Heart. A thought and philosophy that found a lot of thinking in medieval times. It is given to understand that while all production of sound requires friction, the sound of the heart is produced without it. In meditation this anaahat chakra is particularly addressed with the sound ‘Yam’ The Anaahat Chakra deal with love and can be blocked by grief.

Recent online storytelling conducted by Soumya R Srinivasan was thought-provoking. The theme was inspired by a book called “Body Eloquence”. This book gives us a perspective of behaviors in association with different body parts. Acknowledging the heart from within is an element of being in gratitude and one of self-love.

This is a letter from me to Anaahat. Anaahat has been witness to all my travel stories and everything else to date. This is my acknowledgment of the greatest travel partner in me and probably within all of you as well.

Dear Anaahat,

The awesome backpacker you have been

The energy you pump in keeps me alive. That’s not it. You have been the key which opened me to experience every important situation in my life. I have heard you race. I have clutched at you- aching. My body experiences what you go through – excitement, joy, sadness, love, lust, anger, greed, jealousy, doubt, guilt, shame, angst. What I think, affects you, deeply.

You have never held me back; from experiences, from risks, and from unknowns. You were there to nudge me, even complained a little when I made the wrong choices. I should have listened. Maybe life would have been different. Had it been as interesting as it is now? I am not sure.

In Journey of Love

Anaahat, you wore yourself on my sleeves, standing out fearlessly. You have made me powerful enough to trust and to be trusted. Whenever I pursued love, you ran wild with me. I could feel you skipping a beat when I crushed on someone. Every time a relationship broke, or failed, you knew and coped. You were aware of my hidden regrets and told me to sit tight as it was alright. You helped me be courageous and lead me to try again.

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They say that Heart is just a muscle, what a mundane understanding! Do you ever feel bored, pumping day in and day out? How you keep yourself motivated? How can you not complain? Hats off to you for being the amazing part, for your strength, memory, tenacity and for sailing through the test of time. You remember every bit of my experiences.

Rhythm and Beats of My Journey

Music in me found it’s the genesis from you. Seven notes have to be synchronized and in rhythm to sound ecstatic. The beats you play are the first rhythm I heard. Everything in science says friction is essential for anyone to make a sound. I have learned from the wise, the beat you play needs no friction. You are an exception. People love it my singing. They say I sing from my heart. It must be true as I sing for you.

Everything else I owe you for

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You clean up the mess I feed myself. I feel fresh and energetic because you strive every day to make the blood flow. You make me sing, write, speak, love, fight with all my passion. Even, my reason can’t function in your absence. What would I have done without you? Without you I would have not known life or what it feels to be alive, let alone being six feet under.

Have I worn you out? I wish not. We still have miles to go, places to see and people to love. I need you by my side. You have bruises, holes, scratches and tears from everything I have put you through over the years. Are you ugly or broken? No. Trust me, dear friend, you wouldn’t have been beautiful without those impressions. Even without being painted in gold, you shine and glitter. As mysterious as you are, you are valuable to me. Hopefully, one day, you will be valuable to someone else as well.

Stay alive and kicking.

Thank you for all you have been to me. I live in great debt to you. I love you. Skipping a beat, I say, “You are me and I am you.”

Take care of yourself. Stay Safe.



I invite you to write your own letter of love in acknowledgment of your heart. If you heart permits, then share in the comments section.


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